Kisimul School, Swinderby

The Details

Name: Kisimul School, Swinderby

Location: The Waterside Shopping Centre 1

Created by: Kisimul School, Swinderby

Design Inspiration

Kisimul School’s imp has been worked on by all of the pupils in the school. The project has been a springboard for pupils to explore a range of different creative techniques, and also a way to think about Lincolnshire and what it means to them.

The pupils have been exploring different materials and textures to create their own vision of the imp, and have come together to decorate the imp, showcasing their own individual ideas. Pupils have also been exploring the local Lincolnshire countryside and have been taking photographs of flora and fauna which has captured their imagination. Other pupils have been looking at people from the county who inspire them and this has been referenced on the imp’s ‘jacket’.

This collaboration work has been put together by pupils from Hurricanes class, but every pupil in the school has contributed elements and images for the final design.

Lincoln Imp Trail

Lincoln Imp Trail